Today, many of us are searching for effective solutions to keep our teeth shiny and white. This may be because there are more options for teeth whitening than ever before, which while great for consumers on the surface, presents a very real concern.

How are you supposed to know which options are worth your time and hard-earned money, and which are not?

In this guide, we’re aiming to make your life a bit easier by breaking down the top products on the market, testing them so you don’t have to, and reporting our results.

We’ll go in-depth with each product in order to help you make the best decision possible and get to what matters; achieving the whitest smile around.

Top 5 Teeth Whitening Kits

Our top pick


  • 5% Carbamide Peroxide Formula

  • 1 x Universal Fit Tray

  • 2 x 5ml Syringes

  • Use 1 x day for 30min

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Active Wow

  • 36% Carbamide Peroxide Formula

  • 3 Professional Trays

  • 2 Whitening Syringes

  • Use 1 x day for 15min

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Cali White

  • 35% Carbamide Peroxide Formula

  • 1 Universal Tray, 2 Custom Fit Trays

  • 2 x 5ml Gel Syringes

  • Use 1 x day for 10-30min

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  • Contains Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 2 Moldable Mouth Trays

  • 2 Vitamin E Syringes, 2 Large Syringe Whitening Gel

  • Use 1 x day for 30min

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  • Contains Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 2 Moldable Mouth Trays

  • 2 Vitamin E Syringes, 2 Large Syringe Whitening Gel

  • Use 1 x day for 15-30min

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Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit

The Aura Glow is one of the most widely-discussed (and praised) teeth whitening kits on the internet.

Based on our experiences with the product, we feel the hype is justified; not only do we feel that the Aura Glow is the best teeth whitening kit currently on the market. But, we’d go so far as to say that it’s the easiest and most complete kit of its kind, perhaps ever.

Not only does the product excel at helping your teeth look their best through its whitening formula, but it also does wonders to help remove plaque and keep your teeth polished and clean. These results truly begin to reveal themselves with repeat applications.

The kit includes the whitening solutions, the LED light activator, and two 5mL syringes for easy application. It also includes a tray case for the mouthpiece which will help you store it conveniently.

aura glow in use

best teeth whitening kit review

Whitening Strength

The gluten-free, kosher gel included with the Aura Glow utilizes a gentle but powerful formula that the company notes won’t impact gum or tooth sensitivity at all. Unlike other formulas have been known to do.

In addition, the company also states that it injected more than 20 whitening treatments into the gel, giving it more power than just about anything else on the market. The main active ingredient used within AuraGlow is a 35% mixture of carbamide peroxide.

Quite a few other gels that we’ve tested utilize carbamide peroxide in one way or another. What distinguishes this product from the rest, are the additional treatments found within.

Using Aura Glow

Using the AuraGlow is an extremely simple and intuitive process from start to finish.

The company advises that you’ll only need a once-a-day treatment of 30 minutes to remove stains and blemishes of all sorts, including those that come from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking, and more.

Based on what we discovered, you’re likely to see a difference after just one initial treatment; it’s just that good.

The mouth tray included with the product is exceptional and requires no boiling or molding, which is common for other popular whitening kits we’ve tested. It should fit any mouth without issue, and we had no troubles with it in this regard either.

The included 5-bulb accelerator light was similarly easy to use. The built-in timer will help you keep track of when your treatment is over, and using it, we didn’t notice any discomfort or sensitivity at all.


  • Extremely intuitive design
  • Top of the line whitening performance
  • Goes above and beyond just whitening


  • A bit more expensive than other products (though we think it’s well worth it)

Overall, the AuraGlow is a joy to use, both due to how easy and intuitive it is and how downright effective it is at cleaning and whitening your teeth.

If you’re searching for a complete solution that truly will deliver results after even just one treatment, we think that the AuraGlow is your safest bet.

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Active WoW Teeth Whitening Premium Kit

Active WoW is one of the only products that we’ve tested that is able to deliver results close to our top-rated whitening kit, the AuraGlow, and better yet, it does so at a healthy discount.

In terms of pure value alone it may top the list, because of the extremely generous asking price. You will be getting everything you need to make your teeth look their whitest, regardless of the lower price.

The Active WoW kit comes with 2 whitening syringes, 2 dedicated remineralization gel applicators, 3 professional trays, a whitening accelerator light, and a tray case for transport and storage.

All of the individual components for the kit are assembled and made in the USA. In addition, the company behind the product offers a best-in-class warranty, ensuring that if you don’t see the results you were looking for, you’ll get your money back in no time.

active wow review

second best teeth whitening kit by WOW

Whitening Strength

The formula used inside the Active WoW gel is very similar to the one used in the AuraGlow, but with a few subtle differences. For one, it uses a 36% mixture of carbamide peroxide, as opposed to the 35% used with the product in question. Aside from this, the individual whitening ingredients are not listed, but based on our experience, the solution offers much of the same whitening and polishing power found in our top-rated pick.

Again, in our experience, you can begin to notice differences after only a single treatment here, both in the color of your teeth and their overall level of polish.

The remineralization gel is a great bonus, as it can help ease any sensitivity you may feel (though in our tests, this wasn’t even an issue, to begin with). Overall, we’d say that the formula in use here can stand up to even the highest quality standards.

Using Active Wow Kit

The Active WoW teeth whitening kit makes things extremely easy for you by requiring just 15 minutes a day for the entire procedure.

The company includes several mouthpieces to ensure one that fits you perfectly. For an even snugger fit, you can place them in hot water for a moment to allow them to be molded to your exact mouth shape. The high-quality syringes make applying the gel a breeze, and the remineralization gel having its own applicator is an awesome touch.

The light accelerator included with the Active WoW kit is small, easy to use, and runs on two small calculator batteries that are easy to swap out (should they should last you dozens of treatments before needing to be replaced).

Overall, using the product was a joy, and probably one of the simplest processes we’ve seen from an at-home whitening kit.


  • Fantastic value for the money
  • Easy to use


  • Not quite as immediately noticeable as our top pick, but it’s close.

The Active WoW teeth whitening kit delivers incredible value for the money, providing you with everything you need to take your whitening game to the next level.

Other reviewers love it for its simplicity and effectiveness, and based on own experiences with it, we now understand why. If you’re looking for all of the power without the punch to your wallet, this is a solid pick.

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Cali White Vegan Review

Cali White Vegan is a bit of a newcomer on the block compared to several others on this list.  But, during the short time, it’s been available online, it’s made quite the splash.

The manufacturer promises clinically proven results with its proprietary formula, stating that it is more effective than toothpastes, pens, and whitening strips. In fact, they claim that the product will allow you to experience a 2-8 shade whiter smile after just 7 to 10 treatments.

With the deluxe kit sold online, you’re getting the 5-bulb light applicator, 2 5mL syringes, 2 bonus “thermoform” mouth trays and one universal comfort fit tray.

In addition, you’ll receive a carrying case for storing the trays and traveling with them. This is pretty standard, all told, but we were impressed with the attention to detail taken with the packing and presentation of the product.

cali active bonus

cali white kit review

Whitening Strength

The Cali White Vegan went to great lengths to ensure that their product was suitable for as many people as possible, and it really shows; the gel solution itself is vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. It also contains zero GMO’s, PEG and PPG, or sulfates and parabens.

It is certified organic and made in the USA, to boot. The formula used in Cali White Vegan utilizes a 35% mixture of carbamide peroxide and includes a tooth sensitivity gel for aftercare, just in case you need it.

In our experience, the product was able to perform admirably under normal circumstances. While the solution didn’t quite seem to be as powerful or immediately noticeable as our top picks, it still got the job done after several repeat applications.

As a quick note, we did notice that Xylitol is used in the product’s formula. While harmless to humans, this chemical is extremely toxic to dogs, so be sure to keep it out of reach of any of your furry friends, just to be safe.

Using Cali White Vegan Kit

The Cali White Vegan universal tray truly seems to live up to its name. We didn’t need to use the optional thermoform trays once, though it’s nice that they are included as an option.

The manufacturer’s instructions list that you should treat your teeth for 10-30 minutes a day, so we found that a happy medium of around 20 minutes or so worked best overall.

After 7 days of treatment, it was clear that the product does work as advertised; we were able to notice several shades of improvement from using the product, and though we weren’t able to test out the sensitivity gel, it’s great to know that it is included with the initial asking price.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Results after full 7-day treatment speak for themselves
  • Included sensitivity gel is a plus


  • Results not as noticeable after just one use as other products.

Cali White Vegan is a well-designed whitening kit that includes everything you need to get started. Other reviewers and customers online have plenty of good things to say, and our own tests confirmed that the product is able to work as described and deliver a whiter smile than ever before.

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Dr. Song Teeth Whitening Kit

As one of the newest kits on the market, the Dr. Song kit has a lot to prove compared to products that have been around for a while. That said, we’re happy to report that our experience with it was a positive one overall.

This is a more basic product than the flashy design of the AuraGlow or the Cali White Vegan, but despite the Spartan appearance, the product still packs quite a punch and delivers where it counts.

The kit comes with your standard selection of 4 gel syringes, 2 remineralization gel applicators, a LED accelerator light, 2 “boil and bite” mouth trays, and even a Vitamin E-infused gum protector brush.

If it sounds like too much, it really isn’t. All of these items are pretty standard for whitening kits.

dr song review

dr songs whitening kit review

Whitening Strength

The Dr. Song kit includes a higher 44% concentration of carbamide peroxide than several of the other products on this list.

We went into our tests wondering if this would make much of a difference, and to be honest, we didn’t notice anything that would be worth reporting here. While the product worked as advertised, it doesn’t seem to have any of the additional treatment or polishing ingredients found in something like the AuraGlow or the Active Wow, and while this isn’t a deal breaker, it definitely needs to be noted.

The product comes with enough gel for 24 treatments, but the instructions say that just a few applications should be enough to notice a difference. During our tests, we found that this was definitely true, though the results again were not as immediately apparent compared to other units we’ve tried.

At the end of the day, however, the whitening solution did its job, which is more than can be said for dozens of lesser products on the market.

Using Dr. Song’s Whitening Kit For Teeth

The instructions included with Dr. Song’s kit are somewhat open-ended, advising users to apply the treatment anywhere from 15 minutes to up to 4 hours at a time.

While this is interesting, we’d advise not leaving it on for longer than around an hour in one sitting, as you may be putting yourself at risk for unnecessary sensitivity or discomfort, depending upon your specific tolerance.

Overall, the trays worked well, though it would have been nice to see a universal one added into the mix here, for the price.

That said, the boil trays worked reasonably well once formed. As for the LED light accelerator, it was simple enough to use, though not having a built-in timer is a bit of a bummer. We’d grown used to this feature on other products, and without it, you simply have to find other means of keeping track of your treatment time.


  • Delivers whitening results as described.
  • Good value overall.


  • Lack of additional features like a universal fit tray and timer.
  • Not quite as immediately effective as other products.

The Dr. Song teeth whitening kit has a bit to prove, but its effectiveness overall during our internal tests cements its place as a promising underdog in the wider industry.

You won’t find the flair for style here that you’d find elsewhere, but the basic setup is still able to deliver impressive results for a reasonable price.

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WhiteLabs At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

WhiteLabs At Home is one of the most affordable whitening kits that we’ve seen to date.  But, does the value truly hold up to scrutiny, or is the low price hiding subpar performance?

In short; we’re happy to report that while the product can’t hold up to the insane effectiveness of some of our top picks, there’s still a bargain to be had here for those looking to improve their teeth on a budget.

The kit comes with the standard fare of items that you’d expect at this point; 2 large syringes, an LED light, 2 heat-forming mouth trays, 2 Vitamin E swabs, and a full set of instructions, including a handy shade guide. So, how does its formula stack up? Let’s find out.

white labs whitening kit review

whitelabs LED whitening review

Whitening Strength

The formula used within WhiteLabs At Home isn’t listed online, but it looks as though the main active ingredients is hydrogen peroxide. This is a well-known polishing agent that is sometimes used alongside carbamide peroxide.

Aside from the main formula, the company also includes the Vitamin E gel that we’ve seen in other products. This is mainly to combat sensitivity, though again, we didn’t notice a real need for it here, thankfully.

That said, during our tests with the WhiteLabs product, a noticeable difference between its effectiveness and others on this list revealed itself, especially after the first treatment.

There simply wasn’t a massive difference between the starting and ending condition of our test set of teeth. Even though after several days of treatments, the product still ultimately worked as advertised.

If you’re looking for instant results, this may not be the best choice for you overall, but in terms of bang for the buck, the formula found within the WhiteLabs At Home kit still packs a punch.

Using WhiteLabs’ Whiter Teeth Kit

No specific instructions were found in our test kit, which is something other reviewers online have also noted.  That said, the process is fairly standard; we applied the gel to the trays for about 15 minutes each day, though we didn’t bother with the Vitamin E gel.

In terms of the trays themselves, we were a bit disappointed with how rigid they ended up feeling. Even when boiled, they were a bit more resistant to form than we’re used to, which while unfortunate, is more of a minor nitpick than anything else.


  • One of the most affordable products on this list.
  • Noticeable difference in whiteness after a full course of treatments.


  • A bit less effective overall than more pricey options out there.
  • Mouth trays leave something to be desired.

All in all, WhiteLabs At Home represents a solid option for those who are looking for whiter teeth on a strict budget.

For what you pay, you should still be able to notice a considerable difference after a full course of treatment, though it may not be as extreme as with a more expensive lineup such as AuraGlow (especially on the first application).

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MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit With LED light

The MySmile teeth whitening kit takes a different approach to the whitening process, geared specifically towards those with very little time on their hands.

The company behind the product claims that it offers a 10-minute express treatment that should work just as well as other leading brands out there. Is that the truth? We’ll put it to the test to see if it’s really worth the money.

The MySmile kit comes with 3 sets of 3mL syringes equaling 9 total treatments, 1 universal silicone molding tray, 1 LED light, and a shade guide/instruction manual. Read on to see where it stacks up amongst the other products on this list.

mysmile review

Mysmile whitening review

Whitening Strength

Seeing as the brand promises such impressively fast results, what’s behind all the action in the core formula?

As it turns out, MySmile utilizes the familiar ingredient carbamide peroxide, albeit in an 18% concentration this time around. The makers of the product state that this is more than enough to provide their quick treatment without causing any undue sensitivity to the teeth or gums.

Even though the company advertises such short treatment times, they make the standard claim that results will still be noticeable after just one application.

Surprisingly, we noticed a bigger immediate difference here than just about any other product we tested, though the results over the full course of treatment were not quite a dramatic. All the same, this deserves mentioning, because the formula is clearly effective overall.

Using MySmile’s Whiter Teeth Kit

Our experience with the MySmile system was intuitive from start to finish. The universal silicone tray fits great and felt comfortable throughout each treatment, and the 10-minute treatment time felt especially luxurious after dozens of longer tests. Again, the inclusion of a timer on the LED light feels like a must-have at this point, and the simplicity of the one included here was very welcomed.

As a small aside, we really appreciated how well-constructed the syringes were, as well. The high precision applicator tips worked extremely well, and just felt great in-hand. Overall, we came away from our time with the MySmile teeth whitening kit impressed with the full package.


  • Some of the best single-use results we’ve experienced.
  • Great price to value ratio.
  • Short treatment time is very convenient for busybodies.


  • Still not quite as effective at polishing overall as products higher up the list.

Though the MySmile system isn’t going to take the top spot for effectiveness, it wins major points for still being a fantastic and effective option for those on a budget, especially when you factor in the attractive 10-minute treatment time.

The results were immediate in our tests, and all of the individual components were well-crafted and high quality.

If you’re on the fence about trying one of the more expensive teeth whitening kits on this list, but are still looking for something that really works, you could do a lot worse than the MySmile system.

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EverWhite Pro

The makers of EverWhite claim that just a few treatments will have your smile sparkling and shining like never before. The manufacturer claims that their formula is used by thousands of professional dentists to remove tough coffee, wine, and tobacco stains.

Rounding out our list of top whitening kit products, we think that the hype surrounding the EverWhite is real, with a few caveats. Let’s get into it.

The EverWhite kit comes with a standard selection of 2 custom molding mouth trays, 2 Vitamin E syringes, 2 large gel syringes, an LED light, a shade guide with instructions, and as a bonus, it also includes a deep cleaning teeth wipe as well.

So, how does it work? Let’s find out.

everwhite teeth kit review

everwhite kit review

Whitening Strength

The carbamide peroxide mixture here is similar to many other products we’ve reviewed in this guide, and in terms of overall effectiveness, it sits right about in the middle of the road according to our tests.

This is another budget product that won’t break the bank, and the trade-off here is that the results we observed weren’t as impressive on the first treatment. It took several applications before we started to notice something on our test teeth. Even then, it wasn’t what we were expecting.

At the end of a full course of treatment, while it was clear that the product was doing something, we weren’t especially impressed with the results, given our experience with all of the products above.

All the same, we still noticed several shades of improvement in the end, and the product earned its spot on this list.

Using EverWhite’s Kit

Interestingly, we found the molding trays included with the EverWhite to be a bit uncomfortable in the mouth.

No matter how we formed them, they simply didn’t sit right, which while annoying, was made somewhat better by the short 15-minute minimum treatment time. Aside from the trays, all of the other components worked as expected, and we found a lot to like about the overall process.


  • Great price for those just looking to try teeth whitening out.


  • Mouth trays weren’t as comfortable as we’d hoped.
  • Results weren’t as impressive as other, similarly priced products.

The EverWhite whitening kit has a lot going for it; it sits at a fantastic entry-level price point and offers the same accessories as kits easily twice its price.

That said, a few small nitpicks hold it back, such as the mouthpieces and the overall lack of immediately perceivable results from the whitening solution itself.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, we came away pleased with the full offering, and we feel confident recommending the product to those looking to test the waters before potentially jumping into something that requires a bit more of an investment.

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LED Teeth Whitening Light FAQ

What is a Tooth Whitening LED Light?

Specialized light-emitting diode (LED) devices can often be found packaged with whitening solutions found online and in stores today. These small light sources are claimed to help speed along the whitening process started by chemical solutions, and as such, you’ll see them accompanying many of the products listed above.

The vast majority of these products are battery-powered, and most have form-fitting shapes that allow them to be placed inside the mouth easily during use.

Because the lights themselves use no more power than a small handheld flashlight, they usually don’t cost very much, and as mentioned above, they are commonly found included in many different chemical-based kits, including several listed in our guide.

what is teeth whitening led light

How Do LED Teeth Whitening Lights Works

Interestingly, the light that is emitted from teeth whitening lights don’t actually do anything on its own; it won’t change the color of your teeth overnight.

Instead, these devices are meant to work in conjunction with bleaching chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, increasing their effectiveness overall. The light reacts with these substances, which many manufacturers say helps increase the speed of whitening overall.

Does LED Teeth Whitening Really Produce Results?

There have been a number of studies carried out over the past decade or so about LED-based whitening lights. While the results have often been mild, there is some solid evidence that the teeth whitening process can be somewhat sped up by using a product similar to those in question.

For instance, one study conducted in 2012 illustrated that a particular brand of LED/liquid solution product did measurably increase whitening when applied regularly.

That being said, the teeth whitening lights are unlikely to help you by themselves, as mentioned above.

The light rays themselves cannot affect the color of your teeth outright; they instead rely on their interaction with the chemicals used in full kits to help you achieve the brightest smile possible.

teeth whitening LED light results

Are Teeth Whitening Lights Safe?

Though there has been a significant amount of discussion about how safe products that utilize LED light are for long-term use inside the mouth, a recent clinical trial showed that when used as directed, no serious negative side effects should occur.

The main potential risk of these systems lies not with the LED light, but with the bleaching chemicals themselves. If used incorrectly, these could become unsafe, but in general, as long as you’re following the directions that came alongside your chosen product, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Previous light-based treatments have relied upon UV-light sources, and these are no longer widely used for a reason; the ultraviolet rays have been shown to potentially cause damage to gums, skin, and even your teeth themselves, and as such, they should be avoided.

Pros & Cons Of LED Teeth Whitening Systems

Using teeth whitening lights has become a popular way to get a brighter, more radiant smile, but are they really worth it, overall?

We’ve already established that there are clinical trials out in the wild illustrating that many of these light-based products can be effective, but in most cases, the results derived from the light itself is moderate at best. In certain cases, researchers have found that LED-based light activators do no enhance whitening times at all, though these results are highly mixed.

When broken down in terms of total cost, chemical/light combination products still carry some of the best value when compared to options like in-office treatment from a dentist, as well as disposable whitening strips and other, similar treatments.

That said, they also require more time and attention to apply, especially when the light activator is used on each and every treatment.

All told, there are several potential benefits and drawbacks of using teeth whitening lights. Data on their effectiveness is still in the early stages. So, some may want to hold off until more is known about the products.

But, for the time being, most dental sources agree that when used correctly, they are not dangerous to your health and may improve chemical whitening effectiveness to some degree.

How To Use A Teeth Whitening LED System

In general, the best way to use teeth whitening lights is to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the specific product you purchased.

You will almost always be asked to apply the light directly to the surface of your teeth immediately after applying a bleaching solution.

As we mentioned earlier on, applying LED light to teeth that are untreated by chemicals will do virtually nothing, so don’t waste your time doing that.

aura glow best product

If still in doubt, we suggest you go with AuraGlow – our current best pick.

Over the years, this whitening kit has consistently proven to work better and faster than any of its competitors. Even though it is priced a bit higher, it is definitely worth it.

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Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.