Are you the type of person who takes closed lipped selfies? Do you demand to see any photo before it gets posted so you can Photoshop those yellow teeth to a gleaming white? Crest 3D White Toothpaste could help whiten your teeth and restore your confidence.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste Review

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Don’t worry. You are definitely not alone. If you were, the market for the best tooth whitening kits and bleaching wouldn’t be as booming as it is. A lot of people don’t want to take such drastic measures, and understandably so. Bleaching can be really intimidating. We were always taught that bleach is toxic and dangerous and parents made sure to keep it away from their small children. On top of that, it smells awful and many of us are allergic.

Whitening is another solution, but it doesn’t last very long, especially if teeth haven’t been properly cleaned ahead of time. On top of that, it can get pretty expensive – especially if you don’t trust yourself to do it right and spend money getting teeth cleaned and whitened from your dentist.

What other options are available, though? Well, you can check out our list of the best charcoal toothpate producsts. But, you shouldn’t have to stress out every time a camera gets pulled out. Go ahead and fire up that Instagram and hashtag yourself with #whitesmile because Crest 3D Whitening is a great solution!

How Does Crest 3D Work

Crest 3D White removes up to 95% of surface stains in just 3 days. It uses an enamel-safe fluoride blend that helps prevent cavities and protect against future stains. It’s safe for everyone over 2 years of age.

Crest uses a patented White Lock technology. The formula provides a shine for outer teeth, removes surface stains, and prevents new stains. It uses micro-cleansing whiteners and foaming formula to make sure your smile stays glamorous.

The toothpaste has a polishing complex that dissolves into the foam to make sure that your teeth are not just white – they’re shiny white.

Is Crest 3D Safe?

Yes, this is safe for teeth. This uses polishing silica that is completely safe for tooth enamel as long as you use as directed. In fact, it’s a great way to remove coffee, tea, and wine stains.

You can use this every day, too. A lot of people wonder whether they should alternate between whitening and regular kinds of toothpaste to make sure they are getting comprehensive care that whitens without stripping teeth while still protecting against bacterial buildup and cavities. The silica formula whitens, but thanks to fluoride, your teeth also get strength for their enamel and cavity protection.

It is recommended that you brush at least twice a day, and additionally after meals when possible.

If you do want to alternate, you can use multiple products together. The manufacturers even recommend using Crest and Oral B 3D white products together for even more gleaming whiteness. In fact, when combined, your smile will look whiter in just 2 days!

Crest 3D Toothpaste Ingredients

The active ingredient in this toothpaste is sodium fluoride.  This is the ingredient that protects tooth enamel and prevents cavities.

It also contains hydrated silica, a mildly abrasive ingredient that essentially works as a gentle exfoliate, removing surface stains from teeth for a whiter smile. This combines with sodium hexametaphosphate, which prevents surface stains by coating enamel with a protective barrier.

Other inactive ingredients contribute to toothpaste consistency, flavor, and foaming action. This includes flavor, PEG-6, xanthan gum, sucralose, sodium saccharin, carrageenan, Cocamidopropyl betaine, and more


Crest 3D White is a great option to remove stains and create white teeth. It acts quickly, with a noticeably whiter smile in just 3 days of regular brushing, and is safe for daily use. It also protects against cavities, so there’s no need to brush twice or use multiple toothpaste types.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.