Grinding your teeth much? You are not alone! Millions of people go to bed each night and grind their teeth; some to the point of chipping them.

This is not something that you want to ignore because it is unlikely to go away on its own. Luckily, this problem can be corrected by introducing a mouth guard to one’s life.

While many people would head to their dentist’s office to be fitted with a custom mouth guard, there is an alternative to expensive dental appliances. DenTek, a leading dental product manufacturer, offers three different mouth guards to help protect against bruxism, or teeth grinding.

The Top 3 DenTek Mouth Guards on the Market

ProductPriceNeeds MoldingEase of Use
Comfort-Fit Dental Guard
Check Price
NO 1/5
Custom Comfort Dental Guard
YES 3/5
Maximum Protection Dental Guard
Check Price
YES 3/5

In this review, our aim is to tell you everything you need to know about DenTek and the mouth guards they make. This way you can decide if they are a good option for you.

About the Company

DenTek is a development company with its primary focus on improving oral health. Their R&D lab has developed three mouth guards that prevent the damage caused by grinding teeth.

Each of their mouth guarding products is fully adjustable and can be customized to fit your mouth quickly and easily. The company has fostered multiple partnerships in the health and dental industry. This has allowed them to created insightful and educational information about their products that is easily available to their customers. Their knowledge base includes straightforward information on how to use their products, as well as some detailed research on the potential benefits of using their mouth guards.

Based on our research, most people who try DenTek mouth guards are pleased with the relief it provides over the short period of time. Especially, pain relief related to reducing jaw soreness and clenching of teeth during sleep.

NOTE: In our search for honest reviews, we did find some negativity. There are some claims that the mouth guards are too large and cannot be fitted properly. At Dental Dorks we did not experience any of this. It is our experience that the pieces are easy to be adjusted and fitted.

For the most part, the products reviewed below receive positive ratings. In addition, they are affordably priced, so a lot of people are willing to test them out.

About DenTek Mouth Guards

Up to date, DenTek has manufactured three mouth guards, each one designed with a different use in mind.

The Comfort-Fit Dental Guard is meant to be placed on the lower jaw and helps to protect against occasional teeth grinding. The Custom Comfort Dental Guard is designed for the lower jaw as well, but it is to help reduce moderate amounts of grinding. Finally, the Maximum Protection Dental Guard provides the maximum amount of protection against jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and discomfort in general. It is suitable for light to moderate grinding as well.

Comfort-Fit Dental Guard Review


Designed to fit on the lower jaw, it will help to prevent further damage from being done as a result of light teeth grinding or clenching. It is easy to use and provides a great deal of comfort to the person wearing it.

This model has a retention band that is meant to keep it in place in your mouth. While the retention band is comfortable, it does not do the job very well. We found that the mouth guard still manages to fall out from time to time. Besides this, it is fully adjustable and easy to mold, which is always a concern for people who buy over-the-counter mouth guards.

With a wear indicator, you can quickly tell when it’s time to replace the dental guard and get a new one. You can expect this dental guard to last about six months, which offers great value considering the cost of the product.

Adjusting the mouthpiece is easy. Make sure the back bitepad covers at least half of the back molar. But, ensure that the piece does not go beyond your molar. There are five notches on the molar pads to help with the adjustment. If you are having difficulties, follow the short explanation video below!

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Custom Comfort Dental Guard Review

dentek-custom-comfort-guardThis mouthpiece is transparent, so it doesn’t stand out when it’s placed on your teeth.

Designed for use on the lower jaw, this product is a little larger than the Comfort Fit. Its main purpose is to help reduce pain and discomfort associated with bruxism, as well as future damage as a result of bruxism.

There is a soft inner layer and a harder outer layer to protect the teeth. Some people report that this model is harder to form than the Comfort Fi guard, but with some patience and after reading the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t have a problem.

We found that this mouthpiece is best for people with smaller bites, rather than larger ones.

NOTE: This is a boil mouth guard. DenTek recommends the use of microwave in order to achieve the boiling process. So, this is exactly what we did!

Here is what we used:

  • Ceramic cup
  • Ceramic plate
  • Dental guard (duh!)
  • Clock/timer
  • Metal fork
  • Mirror
  • Microwave

To fit the Custom Comfort, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill the cup with tap water and use the microwave to boil it.
  2. Let the cup/water cool off for 15 seconds or so.
  3. Place the mouthpiece in the water with the softer side facing down.
  4. Let the guard soak for 50 seconds to a minute.
  5. Remove the guard using a fork, or an instrument of your choice. Do not use your fingers, please.
  6. Let the guard cool off for 10-15 seconds.
  7. Place the guard in your mouth and align it between your front teeth – use the mirror to make sure it is properly situated. DO NOT bite on the guard just yet.
  8. Once you make sure it is properly situated on your front teeth, bite and suck to remove the moisture.
  9. Use your fingers (yes, now you can) to firmly align the guard around your teeth and gums.
  10. Firmly bite and keep the guard in your mouth for 4 minutes or so.

NOTE: You can only remold this dental guard once! So, be careful.

Maximum Protection Dental Guard Review

dentek-maximum-protection-dental-guardThe Maximum Protection mouth guard is one of the best rated dental guards on the market. People have really taken to this product as an alternative to dental appliances that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

This particular model has a traditional boil-and-bite design. On average, it is reported to last anywhere from one to three months. This model is also expected to last you longer in comparison to the other two DenTek guards reviewed here.

Designed ergonomically, the Maximum Protection guard is meant to only fit the top teeth, and not the bottom. It does so by using a rather simple molding process that provides a great deal of relief for people who suffer from bruxism and jaw clenching.

This dental guard features a unique two-tray design: the inner tray offers a comfortable fit for your teeth, and the outer tray keeps teeth from grinding against each other. This is an excellent option for people who might prefer to use a top-tray guard system, rather than a bottom tray.

Here is how to mold the Maximum Protection guard:

  1. Boil a pot of water (you can use your microwave).
  2. Let the water cool off for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Load the mouth guard into a tray, and place it in the water for a minute or so. The tray must be facing down!
  4. Remove the guard from the tray, using a fork, or another instrument of your choice and dip it into a cup of room temperature water for just a second. Do not let it soak in the water, just let it take a quick dip!
  5. Place and center the guard on your front teeth and firmly bite down for 2 minutes.
  6. Remove the mouthpiece and rinse it with cool water for 20-25 seconds.
  7. Once you remove the guard from the tray, it will be ready for use!

Cleaning the guard is also super easy. You can brush it with toothpaste or use any kind of mouthwash to rinse it. Just to make sure you kill any kind of bacteria!

Watch the videos below if something is not clear.

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Dentek Products Vs. The Other Guys

DenTek dental guards are a great alternative to traditional dental appliances that can cost up to 20 times more. Their affordability makes them more volatile and easily replaceable. In addition, they are easy to obtain, so even if your dental needs change over the years, you can switch between models.

We found that the guards are easy to mold and the instructions are straightforward. These products not only save you money, but time as well. There is now no need to sit in the dentist’s office for long periods of time waiting for custom molds to dry, and then wait a few weeks to get your dental appliances.

DenTek offers a great deal of flexibility and options in these three products. While they do have their advantages and disadvantages, they are an impeccable product that is a great starting place for anyone who is tired of grinding their teeth or who is worried about the damage that might be caused by mild grinding.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its ups and downs, and DenTek Dental Guards are no different. Here, we’ve rounded up the very best and worst attributes of these mouth guards so you can see for yourself if they are right for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Offers a one-year money-back guarantee
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Fits most mouths
  • Soft and easy to use


  • Not all models will fit every mouth
  • If the guards move, they can cause gag reflex in some people
  • Most mouth guards will wear out quicker than professional dental appliances
  • Might not fit over crooked teeth comfortably

Are DenTek Dental Guards Right For You?

It’s hard not to recommend these three mouth guards because they are so affordable.

In any case, they are worth giving a try before going to the dentist.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.

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