do gums grow back

Is your gum shrinking? Gum recession is common. It happens due to bone loss, and it is often caused by smoking, infection, trauma or poor oral hygiene.  When you lose your tooth and it doesn’t grow back, your gum tries to cover the loss by shrinking down. That’s why you can only see tooth roots.

Gums are known to be the ones intended to protect your teeth. So, receding gums mean that the gum tissue has been pulled back, away from your teeth. Although, there is absolutely no way for your gums to grow back on their own, there are some treatments for that case.

How To Grow Your Gums Back

As said before, your gums won’t grow back once they’ve already suffered from the gingival recession. But this doesn’t mean that there are no possible treatments for this type of disease. 

So, what should you do?

Consult a Dental Professional

The first step should be consulting a dentist and letting them investigate how bad your disease is.

Undergo Treatment

If the results show that you have the symptoms of periodontal disease, then its time for a proper treatment.

If there is a considerably large amount of recession already, the dentist might suggest an immediate surgery. This surgery is called gum grafting. It is a surgical procedure that involves taking tissue from an area in your mouth and then transferring it to the gum area.

If you ever develop this type of disease, the dentist might conduct a deep cleaning procedure before the operation just so any dirt and bacteria will be removed. This is not the same as flossing your teeth at home.

Home Remedies

Even if there are surgical procedures, there are still some natural home remedies that you could try. These include: oil pulling, drinking green tea, and using Aloe Vera. Such alternative methods might soothe the pain irritation in your mouth a bit, but they will not help your cells reproduce and your gums grow again.

All of these natural remedies are only capable of improving your oral health, none of these showed any ability to revive already pulled back gum tissue.

Preventing Gum Shrinking

Even though there is absolutely no possibility of your gums growing back again, there are still some things that you can do to prevent them from receding even more, and better yet, some procedures that can reduce the occurrences of receding gums.

Early detection

If you’ve already noticed that you, in fact, have receding gums, automatically consult your dentist so that they could help you slow down the entire process. It will help you avoid bigger and more serious dental problems. They will conduct some procedures to see how much your gums have receded and such.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling/Root Planting

If they see that you have bacteria in between your receding gums, deep cleaning might be their solution- this is called scaling and root planing. This process includes scraping away of the tartar from your teeth and under the gum line- this is often done with an ultrasonic device that uses vibrations to remove plaque.

So, do gums grow back? No, but the gum tissues can be restored by grafting. To save your gums from shrinking down, always practice good oral hygiene.

Brush your teeth, floss regularly and seek treatment for the first sign of gingivitis or any periodontal disease. It is important to go through a comprehensive dental checkup by a dental professional before you make any decision with regards to your treatment.

You can contact a periodontist, a gum specialist, called a periodontist to check the extent of the gum damage.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.