FairyWill Electric Toothbrush Review

FairyWill Electric Toothbrush Review
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FairyWill is a newcomer to the electric toothbrush market. Based on online reviews, this toothbrush is supposed to be revolutionary. But, at Dental Dorks, we found that this is not really the case.


  • Nice lightweight design
  • Standard features


  • Very fragile design
  • Weak vibrating power
  • Low battery charge
  • Brushing modes do not differ

As you can imagine, we were fairly unsure about trying the FairyWill toothbrush that gives “powerful cleaning as just get off dentist’s chair.” Not only are the 1k+ reviews that we found a bit too positive, but the brand is relatively unheard of and they have no official website as far as we can tell from our research.

But, there are some signs of authenticity (plus they’re Amazon’s recommended toothbrush currently), so we purchased the matte black model and set about testing it for an unbiased account of how the FairyWill really performs.


FairyWill Electric Toothbrush Features

Visually, the FairyWill beats many of the Oral-B top of the range toothbrushes out of the water. The sleek black design, lightweight feel at 55g (albeit this is because the materials used are ridiculously cheap) and easy to see and press buttons are quite attractive.

But of course, on closer inspection, you can’t help but notice how basic the model is. We were testing the black matte model and I have to say, it certainly looks better than the white version I’ve seen pictures of.

The main feature is the 5  modes of cleaning, which are easy to locate on the front of the brush:

  • White
  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Polish
  • Massage

There was no discernable difference between any of these settings. At all. While that was a major let down, it does make our review much easier to write. We can simply sum up all of the settings and toothbrushing action as appalling.

It barely vibrates! Imagine lightly brushing a feather over your teeth – it’s going to have a similar effect as using the FairyWill toothbrush. Perhaps that’s why it’s called FairyWill. The brushing works best when you imagine it. I do believe in FairyWill, I do, I do.

Oscillating speed is supposed to be 40,000 micro-brushes per minute. If we believe this, then the fault must simply be in the bristles. They’re made of DuPont Nylon, which is standard, but they felt a bit too soft. It was almost like they’d already been worn down by months of brushing. FairyWill market this as safety and gentleness.

The toothbrush is suitable for the elderly and the very young who need a very gentle brush and aren’t worried about gum disease or bad breath.

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FairyWill Brush Heads

The brush heads themselves are much smaller than we expected, with a simple rounded bristle design. They are angled at a straight 90 degrees against the brush base, rather than slightly slanted to get a better plaque cleaning action. You can mix and match the different FairyWill heads if you happen to already have a FairyWill model.

Despite our first impressions on the quality of the brushes, they did indeed seem to be long-lasting. We’d recommend changing them every 2 months, as they wore away at the same rate as other leading toothbrush heads in the 2 weeks that we tested them.

Other Features

Credit where credit is due when they advertise it as being waterproof enough for the shower they weren’t joking. We didn’t want to risk taking it in the bath though.

Another key feature was the built-in timer that will give you a little pulse every 30 seconds for the 2 minutes you spend brushing. This is a pretty standard option, but they’ve clearly got it right so no complaints here.

FairyWill quite clearly state that after just 4 hours of charging you can use the brush for at least 30 days before it needs a charge again. This is simply not true. At the start, we did find that it lasted 1 week+ (which beats some Oral-B models that only last a few days) but it was downhill from there.

The Test of Time

Of all the models we bought, one stopped working completely by the end of our 2 week test period and others were starting to show battery problems with the already weak vibrations slowing even further.

The remaining brushes did manage to hang in there, but at the end of the 2 weeks, we felt that our dental hygiene had actually suffered! Being Dental Dorks, we deal with many high-end toothbrushes that give a superior feel – this is not one of them. However, if you are still using a manual toothbrush you will find that even the FairyWill is a step up.

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What Was In The Box

This was quite strange. The contents of the box included:

  • The electric FairyWill brush
  • 3x FairyWill heads in matching black plastic
  • Instructions manual
  • Toothbrush head cover/case
  • USB charger cable

There’s nothing wrong with having a USB charger cable, it was just a little bit odd for a toothbrush! We didn’t have any USB ports in the bathroom, so instead, we were either charging it via our laptops or with other adaptors (the kinds you get from Apple and other phone chargers with the detachable cable). You may find this more convenient if you’re short on plug sockets, or it may be awkward for you – in which case you can buy a plug adaptor separately from FairyWill.

Summary of the FairyWill Electric Toothbrush

We wouldn’t recommend buying this toothbrush. As a budget brush, the price is on a level with others of better brands… who don’t over promise and under-deliver. The few good features this toothbrush has don’t even come close to out-weighing everything that’s wrong with it.

If you want to get good value for money, this isn’t the right brush for you. In fact, the only people we’d recommend buy this brush are those looking to move away from manual brushes by finding a super gentle brush to ease them in before buying something decent.

If you are looking for a reliable non-expensive electric toothbrush, the Sonicare 2 Series is our top recommendation.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.

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