Goby Electric Toothbrush Review

Goby Electric Toothbrush Review

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Goby is perhaps one of the less known oscillating electric toothbrushes on the market. The idea behind Goby's brand is to offer a more affordable option to most Oral-B and Philips models. And to be honest, the manufacturer has done a pretty good job at entering this very competitive market space.


  • Color varations
  • Well-priced
  • Travel case included
  • Quadpacer


  • Exaggerated battery life
  • Only 2 cleaning modes

Goby is an electric toothbrush that uses a rotationally oscillating head verified to clean much better than a normal manual toothbrush, whilst improving general oral health. By just gliding it along, the brush handles all the brushing business.

What’s Inside The Goby Box

This unique product delivery comes to you in a nice cardboard box. In addition to the Goby logo on the box, it has a simple design and does not have flashy marketing inscriptions screaming at you.

  • Goby electric toothbrush
  • 1 x brush head
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x USB mains adapter
  • 1 x brush head cover
  • 1 x hygienic stand
  • Goby users’ manual


Goby Electric Toothbrush Design

Quite a number of electric toothbrushes have similarities. The goby might tend to conform to the wave although it has its own unique edge.

  • Tapered design: While a number of electric toothbrushes are able to stand upright due to their long cylindrical body, Goby brush has its unique tapering design at the bottom, which feels great when held in hands. Although most people prefer an upright design, this design means you can only lay it flat on its back or on its side but cannot stand upright unless you mount it on the provided stand.
  • Color: Goby gives you the option of Blue, All-Black, Midnight Blue, Rose, and Tangerine Edition. These are the colors of the thick rubber grip, which runs through the edge of the brush handle. Colors tend to decent nicely, across the head of the brush to the back panel and gloss white front.

The box has white colored accessories although these colors are optional, depending on which you fancy the most. However, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets when it comes to color preference since the All-Black and Rose Edition of the brushes’ rear panels and brush head have a premium price with their box accessories color-matched.

  • Rubber grip: The brush has a smooth touch around the edges, which makes it easier to hold it even with your hands wet.
  • Removable brush head: this removable head fits at the neck of the brush handle. All you have to do is pull it off and slide the new head onto the metal shaft, which extends from the inside of the brush.
  • Brush handle: Inside is a rechargeable battery and motor. The back has no controls, buttons or grips and is all white in color.
  • Balance: The brush boasts a well-balanced design that makes it less heavy. However, this might not be the lightest brush you will come across.
  • Smooth and Concave design: the front panel, just right on top is a single powered button, which gives it that uh-oh, a smooth to the touch feel and has a slightly concave design.
  • Goby Logo Print: Inscribed halfway down the handle grip is the Goby logo. Its inscription design is in a deep blue or black color with a matching G icon written at the power button.
  • Three LED: These light up in green to offer you information in regards to battery status. Although not visible unless switched to charge mode, their position is at the front towards the bottom of the brush handle.
  • Solid build: overall, it has a sturdy built feel and its lack of control points and buttons at the handle greatly reduce the risk of damage with the plastic beneath the rubber protecting it.
  • Rubber Grip: You can remove and replace it. However, it is POSSIBLE that it can trap a little moisture between the plastic and rubber.


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Goby Functionality

Cleaning mode

The normal cleaning mode of Goby Electric toothbrush offers oscillations of up to 9,000 in a minute. The Sensitive mode goes down to 7,500 oscillations a minute.

Yes! It is somewhat similar to the number of Oral-B movements and their Pro range of electric toothbrushes for those who might be wondering.

Once you have the brush at your mercy, first press the power button once to put the brush into action by launching the normal cleaning mode.

You can also press it once more to activate the Sensitive cleaning mode.  If you press it a third time, the brush will certainly turn off.

Please note that if you choose to use the Sensitive cleaning mode, you need to press the power button for a second time within five seconds of powering the brush. If you dilly-dally that second press automatically turns off the brush.

Do not forget that this is not a smart brush. Therefore, if you prefer using sensitive mode at all times, you need to press the power button each time you freshen your teeth. It simply does not remember your preference!

The Sensitive and normal cleaning modes run for two minutes.

The brush runs during the cleaning cycle. In order to change Quadrant, the brush has an audible warning alert. It tends to pause slightly with 30-seconds intervals. This builds the pace.

To offer a little guidance to your Goby routine, divide your mouth into upper right, lower right, upper left and lower left quadrants and spend 30-60 seconds cleaning each.

The pacer reminds you to move in between the quadrants. After 120 seconds, the brush automatically turns off.

Most electric toothbrushes regardless of brand are more effective at eliminating plaque than the manual toothbrush, mainly because it delivers powered movements. No one has confessed yet to achieve a couple of thousand movements with a manual brush in a minute.

When in action, the Goby brush can be quite loud. This toothbrush might come out as not the noisiest you have heard when it comes to electric toothbrushes, but however, it tends to be louder than the Oral-B brush, which in itself, is noisier than Sonicare although the differences in cleaning results are quite negligible.


Goby Electric Toothbrush Features

  • The Goby round brush head: Pardon you for thinking it was Oral-B brush head! This is because they are blindingly identical. It has a round shape with white bristles on the inside and a pale blue ring on the outside. The bristles have a soft touch to them and are of equal length.
  • Brush stand: this holds the toothbrush into an upright position. Most people refer to use it to mount the brush when it is not in use. However, it does not have an inbuilt cable power.
  • Charge: You will be surprised at how quiet innovative the charging system is. Packed in the box are a small charging plate and USB cable. This plate magnetizes the back of the toothbrush; you have the option of fitting it at the back of the brush stand.
  • USB cable: Fully sized with an adapter, its design allows you to fit in a computer USB port, or you can charge it from the main power source using the adapter (mind-boggling!) This gives it a flexible and versatile appeal because you can charge it whilst travelling; all you have to do is armor yourself with this cable.
  • Motor and Battery: This is in built-battery and motor inside the brush handle. However, do not immerse the brush in water to make it more durable.
  • Warranty: Although the brush has protection against water, saliva, and toothpaste, it is not a guarantee that the brush cannot be subject to damage when exposed to high levels of water. Nevertheless, here is the no-brainer; the Goby might be so confident they can actually offer a lifetime warranty! Well, this is unlike other brands with only two years warrant.
  • Two cleaning modes: it offers both Normal and Sensitive cleaning modes. The normal cleaning mode moves up to 9,000 oscillations per minute while the Sensitive mode has 7,500 oscillations per minute
  • Simplicity: they offer one type only of the brush head with a brush in their subscription set. While other electric brush heads have designs that serve different purposes: a reality check is that according to most users, the modification between heads and cleaning results are close to zilch.
  • Brush head travel case: This comes in the package but does not have a whole brush case. It is clear with ventilation to allow air circulation and has a small size for easy travel. It provides protection to the delicate head and bristles from damage by other items in the traveling bag.
  • Power Button: The Goby have impressively outdone themselves with this one. This button emits subtle blue light when you are three months into using the brush. This, of course, is to remind you that you need a new brush and if you have a subscription, the new one will be at your post. When replacing the old one, you should press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset it.

Resetting the brush is critical since it is set to calculate the period the brush has been in use, based on the number of cleans made. If not reset, it will light up before the head is three months. Healthwise, please do replace the head once you see signs of wear sooner.


Battery Life

Most customer reviews suggest that the Goby toothbrush has a range of 24 cleaning sessions with two minutes. This means that you are to enjoy brushing time of 48 minutes or 12 days only of battery life.

Well, this is not quite in accordance to the 14 days suggested by the Goby Company. Although, there’s’ room for doubt. According to them, this brush is capable of withstanding a couple of weeks and you only need to charge it a few times in a month.

However, here is the catch. Goby have proven their creativity by designing a magnetized charger. Meaning, you can easily charge the unit by pressing the handle to the charger.

The plug offers voltages between 100-240V while plug adapter can support standard two pin US plug and USB port. Therefore, if you are on vacay, all you need is your plug adapter.

LED’s indicate remaining battery power.

Concluding Thoughts

We live in a period of time where everything and anything that simplifies life is highly cherished.

In my opinion, Goby has gone out of its way to make the toothbrush unique, simple and efficient, which is good for everyone. This Goby toothbrush design is a subscription-based product. However, they consent to the choice of a one-time purchase without a subscription.

If you choose the subscription service, how you want your brush heads delivered totally depends on you.

It has registered good performance over time and gives the mouth a good clean feeling. With its edgy classy design, it gives definition to every coin spent.

Sadly, the Goby does not have the pressure sensor. This is a gold mine to look out for in new electric toothbrushes by fresh users to prevent too much injury to teeth and gums.

Signals when you brush too hard and there is a need to ease up. If you brush too hard and listen carefully, you will definitely hear the strain of the brush motor.

Do not be quick to go for the big brands with the same price range. Remember, they might not offer simplicity and convenience which is something you need to consider first when it comes to your gums and Goby has in a way got that covered for you.


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