H2Ofloss hf-8 Whisper Water Flosser Review For 2019

H2Ofloss hf-8 Whisper Water Flosser Review For 2019

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This is not the best looking oral irrigator out there, but it is also not the worst looking. In any case, if you are going after looks, you should try one of the Waterpiks.


  • Pressure ranges from 5 to 110 psi
  • Great for nasal sinus cleaning
  • Very quiet motor (50db)
  • Pressure settings control on the handle
  • Large water tank (800 ml)
  • Comes with 12 flossing tips
  • 2 year replacement warranty


  • It does not support universal voltage
  • Not the best looking design
  • 6 pressure settings (competitor models have up to 10)

Despite of its simple design, in 2017, the Hf-8 was actually considered to be one of the best water flosser devices on the market. 

H2Ofloss Hf-8 Whisper Overview

What is the digit “2” doing so conveniently relaxed between the letters “H” and “O”? Well, H2O is the chemical formula for water, ice and steam that you can find in the periodic table. So, this company has creatively called itself “water floss”, “ice floss”, “or “steam floss”. However, only the first one makes sense, so let’s stick with it for now.


This particular Hf-8 model is also being named Whisper. Name fit for a ninja assassin, lazy cat, and a really quiet water flosser.

This unit is widely advertised, and rightly so, as being one of the quietest on the market. This model gets as high as 50db when turned on. In case you are wondering how laud this is, check this table out. As the table shows, the noise level is compared to the noise of a large electrical transformer situated some 100 feet away.

Even though the Hf-8 Whisper model does not come universal, H20floss gives their consumers the option to choose between a European and a US units. The former operating at 220-240 volts, while the latter at 100-120 volts. This does not really give the option to pick this model with travelling in mind.

Read Customer Reviewsh2ofloss-hf-8-whisperer-water-flosser-diagram-tips

Regardless of where you choose to use it, this oral irrigator is pretty powerful. The maximum water pressure of 110 psi exceeds most competitors’ products in this industry. With this much water stream pressure you can literally blow away all the rubbish annoyingly stuck between your teeth and gums.

Interestingly enough, the Hf-8 also offers a very low pressure setting of 5 psi. While this is not powerful enough for flossing, it is quite useful for nasal sinus cleaning. This is why this device actually comes equipped with a nasal tip. Using the tip at the lowest pressure setting is safe, as long as you know how to properly clean your sinuses.


Where this model lacks, in comparison to other countertop units, is the speed settings. Even though it has a good range of psi (5 to 110), it only offers 6 settings. How many settings one needs, is a question of preference. Most people can do with 3 settings. This is why cordless models are becoming so popular. They only ever come with 3 settings.

The 6 pressure settings are easily controlled from the handle. The control slider is pretty big and hard to miss. All you have to do in order to switch between pressure settings is to move the slider with your thumb up and down. This is a pretty neat feature not seen on many other countertop dental flossing jets.

The water tank of the Whisper device can take up to 27 ounces (800 ml) of water. This is considered a large reservoir, but also it is pretty standard compared to the rest of the competing brands and models. Depends how thoroughly you floss, it has the capacity to last you for the entire procedure (up to 90 seconds of flossing).


The H2Ofloss Hf-8 has a large tip storage that can take up to 7 flossing tips. However, the unit itself comes with 12. Not sure if this is deliberate, if it is a flow in the design, or if initially it was supposed to come with 7 tips. In any case, 12 is a good number to give anyone enough variety.

The internal frame that holds the flossing tips can be removed, and addition 14 tips can be stored. This makes a total of 20 tips. Again, unless you are a flossing tip collector (not judging), this feature is rather useless.

Note: There are some online reviews that mention a leaking issue with this model. This issue has been fixed, and the current model does not leak. The reviews were related to a small black rubber part that connects the reservoir to the base. This piece was no adjustable and caused some units to leak water when filled up. However, this problem has been fixed by H2Ofloss.


Here are some other options if the creative name of this company is not enough to convince you in their product:

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.

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