Oral b toothbrush won’t charge

So, you are in a bit of a pickle. You bought a good and reliable electric toothbrush, but now that your battery is dead, you are back to a basic toothbrush. Frustrating, I know.

But, bear with me for just a minute and do not throw out the batter or the Oral-B unit.

Perhaps we can help. Below are some of the obvious reasons as to why your Oral-B is not charging. Perhaps you can solve your crisis in an instant.

Drain the Battery

Make sure you use it until the battery is drained before the next recharge. This means, avoid recharging between uses as this may negatively impact the battery and its charging capabilities.

Patience is a Virtue!

So you’ve just plugged in your Oral B toothbrush and immediately it’s not showing the green charging light. Before you start panicking, relax. Just give it some time.

If the battery in your toothbrush was entirely drained during brushing, the light won’t appear right away. It can take up to 15 minutes before the green light starts blinking to indicate charging mode.

Turn it Off

For these toothbrushes to accept a charge they need to be turned off. Trying to charge it while it’s on won’t be fruitful. This means even if the battery has been drained, be sure to turn it off first before placing it on the charging base.

Faulty Battery

Every battery has a maximum service timespan. After some time it’ll stop responding due to wear & tear. But you don’t have to throw your toothbrush out—simply replace the battery.

Faulty Charger

A faulty charger is another reason why your Oral B toothbrush may not be charging. The only way to be sure is to test it with another compatible charger. If it works then it means that particular charger is broken.

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Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.