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How To Tell If You Have A Dry Socket?

Is your socket dry and empty and the pain radiates to your jaw? You might have a case of dry socket, which happens when a blood clot is dislodged at the site of tooth extraction.Within 24 hours of extraction, you should see a colored clot at the...

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Do Gums Grow Back?

Is your gum shrinking? Gum recession is common. It happens due to bone loss, and it is often caused by smoking, infection, trauma or poor oral hygiene.  When you lose your tooth and it doesn’t grow back, your gum tries to cover the loss by...

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At What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Come In?

Wisdom teeth, also known as love teeth in Korea, are third molars that can erupt at different stages of one’s life.Discover the most common age for wisdom teeth to erupt, the factors that affect their growth and the reasons why you may never get...

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How To Clean Your Own Teeth Like a Hygienist

When a certified dental hygienist performs teeth cleaning, the main purpose is to remove plaque build-up, tartar, and food debris. They use dental tools such as scrapers and ultrasonic instruments to loosen tartar and wash them away.But, there are ways to...

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Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?

There are a variety of products that consist of coconut oil and advertise its ability to whiten teeth. When used as an ingredient in a toothpaste, it can help the overall process of teeth whitening. But, this will not happen overnight. When used...

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Why Do I Grind My Teeth?

Most people are unaware of their teeth grinding and that it may have serious underlying causes and complications.Bruxism or teeth grinding is a condition wherein your teeth would clench, grind or gnash involuntarily during sleep.Perhaps you have...

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We try to make dentistry fun. Not while you are on the dental chair, holding onto dear life, but when you are on your chair at home, or at work.

Most people try to avoid dentists and hygienists as much as possible. Even though dental health is important, it does not have to be painful and costly.

Hopefully this blog can help you learn about dental hygiene, help you find reasonably priced methods and products to maintain your dental health, and help you learn a thing or two.