Profloss 4190 Water Flosser Review For 2019

Profloss 4190 Water Flosser Review For 2019

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Let me begin by stating that “waterflosser” is not a spelling mistake. This is part of the actual name of this product. The brand name “Profloss” also appears to be spelled as one word. So, this company gets an F in English class from us. But, let’s review their actual oral irrigator.


  • Less expensive than 95% of other water flossers
  • Easy to install
  • No batteries
  • Very quiet (it does not have a motor)
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not take much space
  • Can easily regulate the water temperature


  • Not as powerful (60 psi highest pressure setting)
  • Adapter is cheaply made and easy to break
  • May not fit all faucets

ProFloss 4190 Model Overview

The 4190 Waterflosser is a faucet powered dental irrigation device. Unlike other types of water-related flossers, this one’s source of energy is the stream of water that comes out of any faucet. In other words, it is a faucet attachable device.


As such, the Profloss unit does not have a reservoir. This means that there is nothing to clean afterward, except for the flossing tip. It also does not have any electrical cords or batteries. In this sense, the lack of a motor makes it really quiet, even when compared to some of the best countertop water flossers.

The lack of a motor does not mean you cannot control the pressure. In fact, there are two ways to do so. First, adjusting the faucet handle will not only regulate the temperature of the water but the overall power of the stream. Second, the 4190 model has four water flow levels. They are conveniently located on the handle of the device for ease of use.

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However, the lack of motor admittedly lowers the maximum strength of the Profloss device. The highest pressure setting has been measured at just 60 psi, this is about half as powerful as various countertop models. The lowest setting of the 4190 model is 25 psi. But, we managed to bring this further down to around 10, by tampering with the faucet handle.

The aerator should be able to fit most North American (if not all) standard faucets. The Profloss aerator comes equipped with internal and external threads. This allows it to fit most 15/16” outside faucet threads or 55/64” inside faucet threads. So, the adapter that Profloss sends can be screwed either on the inside or the outside.

How To Install the 4190

We found that the installation of the device was quite easy. Here are the steps, as recommended by Profloss.

First, remove the existing aerator from the faucet where you want to install the 4190 unit.


Second, choose which Profloss aerator you are going to install, and screw it in by slowly pushing it in. Please, avoid jamming the connection. Also, do not rush to turn on the water at full strength just yet.


Next, insert one of the flossing tips that this device comes with into the handle. Select the desired pressure level when ready.


Now the hose can be attached to the aerator. After this, turn on the faucet and run some water through the unit. Once the desired pressure setting is achieved, floss away and never worry about refilling another water tank again.


Once the water flossing procedure has been completed, first remove the hose from the aerator. There is a push on button that releases the hose. Do not try to detach the aerator from the faucet first, as this may damage the device. Next, remove the flossing tip and put it back into the zipper pouch that comes with the 4190 unit.

Perhaps the best thing about this model is the fact that you can regulate the water temperature at all times. If you want to switch between warm and cold, you can do it within seconds. Non-faucet and non-shower oral irrigators would require their reservoirs to be filled up.


The Profloss model also allows you to floss as long as you like. As long as you stay at a 42-inch distance. This is how long the cord is.

Continuous water flossing is amazing. It is rather annoying when you have to stop, refill the tank, and continue flossing.

There is a one year repair or replacement warranty that the 4190 model comes with. Considering the fragility of the aerator (plastic adapter), it is good to have a warranty. As a test, we emailed Profloss, saying that our adapter simply broke during installation. They replied quickly and promptly, saying that the part can be replaced under warranty. However, we were also instructed to repackage the broken part and send it back to the manufacturer’s address.

If this does not feel like the right type of water flosser for you, check out the Showerbreeze Dental Irrigator.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.

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