A lot of people out there are looking for whiter teeth. And there are a lot of products that promise to offer exactly that. From whitening strips to whitening mouthwash products, there are countless options if you are looking for pearly whites.

Snow is a brand that tries to distinguish itself from all of the other whitening products out there. They do this by promising full whitening without many of the downsides of traditional products.

But is Snow really that different than the rest of the other whitening products out there? Like other products, Snow involves applying a serum to your teeth. With the Snow, however, you wear a mouthguard that blasts your teeth with LED light as the serum

This is supposed to whiten more effectively than traditional methods. Is it effective? For the most part, it is, offering one of the best products for quick teeth whitening.

snow teeth whitening review

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  • One of the quickest acting products out there, taking only 10-30 minutes per session.
  • Not only is each session fast, but you also get quick results as well, within only a few days.
  • Teeth are less sensitive than when using other whitening products, such as strips.
  • Clear instructions make the process easy.


  • There can be some issues with the wire connected to your phone.
  • Although teeth are less sensitive than with other options, still some pain after use.
  • Not as quick as promised.
  • Whiteness doesn’t last as long as Snow claim.

Out Of The Box

When you order the Snow whitening system, you get the following in every kit:

  • Serum wands
  • LED tray
  • Shade guide that helps you track your progress
  • Instructions on how to use the system

Getting started with Snow is easy, and the guide will walk you through everything you need to know on how to use the whitening system.

Snow Teeth Whitening Product Performance

How does the Snow whitening perform, and how does it stack up to the competition? The quick answer is that the Snow is one of the best whitening kits out there, offering excellent whitening in an affordable package. It doesn’t live up to some of its promises, but it’s still a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for whiter teeth, and is better than most other whitening products out there.

The Snow is relatively straightforward to use. Brush your teeth before you begin. Apply the serum to your teeth carefully, making sure you get even coverage. Plug the tray into your phone or charger, and pop it into your mouth.

After 10-30 minutes, remove the tray and rinse off your teeth. Repeat this process over the next days and weeks.

This process is similar to some other whitening products. But the serum and LED light exposure make it different than most other strips and trays.

But different doesn’t always mean better. Does the Snow whitening system deliver? It does.

Teeth were noticeably whiter after only a few days of use.

And with extended use, there was dramatic progress. Yellow teeth, although not snow white, were noticeably whiter. It took a little longer than Snow promises, but the system does deliver results fairly quickly.

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Teeth Whitening Results

Do the results last? Yes, but not as long as Snow promises. If you use the system consistently and as instructed, you’ll likely get whiter teeth

But that doesn’t mean your teeth will stay white. Over time, the whiteness will fade. That means you’re probably going to want to keep some serum around for touch up treatments.

Although the whiteness does fade, it is fairly long lasting. Snow claim that their treatment will prevent your teeth from yellowing. This claim is hard to test, but teeth did stay white for months after treatment.

Added Extras

snow teeth whitening shading grade

The shade guide may seem like a novelty, but it does help track your progress, and you may be surprised how much progress you make.

The whitening wands are a great way of applying the serum, making it easier to get an even coating each time.

The phone plugin for the LED light works fairly well, although there were some occasional issues. And the wire can be a bit annoying with repeated use.

Less Painful Than Other Whitening Products

Snow promises to whiten without teeth sensitivity. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. Snow’s whitening system does a better job than other products, such as whitening strips, at preventing pain and sensitivity.

However, that doesn’t mean that the treatment is pain-free. If you leave the serum on for long periods, you may have some sensitivity. And if you use the system for multiple days in a row, you will likely have some sensitivity.

Snow says that you can use the system for just 10 minutes per treatment. You certainly could, but you’ll probably want to leave the tray on a little longer. That means each treatment is just about as long as normal whitening strips.

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Protected Enamel? It’s Hard To Say

Snow claim that their treatment is better for your tooth enamel than other whitening products. They say that repeated use will not damage your teeth so that you can whiten without worrying about long term harm to your enamel.

It’s hard to know what to make of these claims. The Snow system does lead to less pain than other products, which is a good sign that it is a bit gentler on your teeth. However, that does not mean it’s safe for long term use.

Consult with your dentist if you are planning on using Snow for extended periods.

How Does Snow Compare to Whitening Strips?

There are a lot of similarities between Snow and traditional whitening strips. Both involve a gel or serum that sits on your teeth. Wait around half an hour, remove, and repeat the process.

Snow stands out for its LED light. But where it really separates itself from whitening strips is with its results.

Snow whitened faster than traditional whitening strips. Within only a few days of Snow, there was whitening that was comparable to over a week of whitening strips.

And there really is less pain with Snow. That also means it is easier to use repeatedly to get the results you’ll want. With traditional whitening strips, the pain may keep you from continuing, even if your teeth are whiter.

Snow is more expensive than just about any whitening strips. That means it better deliver better results. In nearly every way, it offers superior whitening, making it worth the price.

Overall Impression

Overall, the Snow system delivered fairly quick whitening that led to noticeable results. Although not pain-free, the Snow offered gentler whitening than a lot of other products.

Concluding Thoughts

Snow promises to be the best solution for quick whitening without any of the tooth pain of other products. This is quite a lofty promise. But for the most part, Snow delivers.

It’s one of the best over the counter whitening products you can get. It won’t whiten as well as professional laser treatments, but it’s a fraction of the price. You’ll get better results than with whitening strips, and with less pain. If you’re looking for whiter teeth, you should consider Snow.

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.

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