Getting tired of your toothbrush? Need something new and cool? This is beginning to sound like a really bad 90s radio commercial for flossing toothbrushes.

But, if you feel that your toothbrush doesn’t clean properly, you should give this flossing miracle a try. The bristles of a flossing toothbrush are much longer and slimmer compared to the regular toothbrushes. It is a fact that it can reach and clean further between your teeth and gums.

Having said that, you should be careful if you have sensitive teeth and gums. Check out these recommended electric toothbrushes if you have a problem with sensitivity.

Anatomy of a Flossing Toothbrush

They can easily clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth where a normal toothbrush cannot reach. That helps easily eliminate plaque and bacteria residing in such areas. This read offers information on what really is a flossing toothbrush.

Food particles usually get beneath the gum line and become a good breeding ground for bacteria over time. That’s why it is important that you effectively clean these areas at all times. A flossing toothbrush comes in handy for such tasks. It helps you clean areas that are difficult to reach with a normal toothbrush. The long bristles of the flossing brush can reach these areas and easily remove the food particles there. It will remove the invisible film of bacteria in these places and protect your teeth and gum line over time.


Toothbrush Design and Look

This unique toothbrush looks quite similar to a normal toothbrush at first glance. The main difference is in the bristles of the brush. Although the bristles are slimmer and longer, their tips are rounded and polished so that your gum line does not get hurt when you brush with it. You will find some of these brushes with double-tiered bristles in order to increase its effectiveness in cleaning your teeth and gums.


Dental flossing has numerous other benefits, besides removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. It also helps stimulate gums and encourage circulation. You might notice that your gums bleed less when you start flossing on a regular basis.

Good blood circulation helps improve your overall oral health in the long run. Flossing will reduce the risk of gum inflammation. The latest research reveals the link between inflamed gums and chronic health issues such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. That’s why you need to floss on a regular basis. That’s where the flossing toothbrush comes in handy.

Last Words of Advice

Regular flossing will help keep your breath fresh since it removes the tiny food particles in between your teeth that cause bad breath over time. In fact, flossing is fairly inexpensive, unless you opt int for a water flosser, and it helps reduce your family’s dental costs over time. That’s why you need to buy a flossing toothbrush without further delay.

With a host of brands of toothbrushes on the market, you should choose a high-quality product to get the best results in the long run. These brushes come in a variety of sizes and colors. The compact size of the brush allows you to save space and carry it even when you travel. That’s why you need to invest in a high-quality but affordable flossing toothbrush on the market.

In conclusion, flossing is an important part of maintaining oral hygiene in the long run. The flossing toothbrush helps you achieve this goal in an affordable way.

Do not use this type of brush for everyday brushing or with whitening products

Author: Peter Mayhew

Peter is a dental hygienist in the city of Chicago, IL. In his free time he likes to write blogs and product reviews on anything dental health related.